Heart Services

Heart Services

Heart Services


Methodist Healthcare emergency departments are directly connected to the city’s ambulance services so that EKG monitoring can begin while a patient is in on the way to the hospital. Hospital care begins as soon as paramedics attach leads to a patient’s chest. Most of our hospital emergency departments are accredited Chest Pain Centers and also serve as Post Resuscitation Hypothermia Receiving Centers by instituting a protocol to lower the body temperature of a heart attack patient. This treatment improves the patient’s chances of survival and lessens the severity of damage to the heart muscle.

Methodist Heart Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

Located at Methodist Hospital, this is the largest hospital in South Texas dedicated to matters of the heart and is the area leader in cardiac care, recognized for an outstanding heart transplant program. Methodist Heart Hospital pioneered many regional first in cardiac care including the first balloon angioplasty in 1981, the first heart valve transplant and the first live broadcast of a beating heart bypass operation. Methodist Heart Hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center.

The hospital has 120,000 square feet dedicated to cardiac services located within Methodist Hospital. We have 120 beds, four cardiac catheterization labs, two electrophysiology labs, four dedicated cardiovascular operating suites, a 12-bed Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, 14-bed Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit and so much more along with a highly trained and experienced team of physicians and nurses.

Methodist Heart Hospital is home to the Texas Transplant Institute’s Heart Transplant Program, the first Medicare-approved heart transplant program in South Texas. The heart transplant program offers the only hospital-based advanced heart failure and pulmonary hypertension clinic in the region. The transplant team specializes in providing cardiac assist devices as a bridge to transplant and as a therapeutic solution to heart failure.

Methodist Hospital

Methodist Hospital created the Heart Center at Methodist Hospital in the 1990s which later evolved into Methodist Heart Hospital. Both hospitals work together to provide fast, efficient care for patients experiencing chest pain or a possible heart attack. We have two cardiologists on duty around the clock, creating quicker responses to patients with cardiac needs. One cardiologist, a physician specializing in the treatment of heart attacks, is stationed in the emergency department at all times. Another cardiologist cares for patients on the telemetry and intensive care units. The doctors have three rotating eight-hour shifts, so a cardiologist is always ready to meet your needs.

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital serves as San Antonio’s downtown Methodist heart hospital and maintains an accreditation as a Chest Pain Center. From the emergency department to cardiac catheterization and recovery, Metropolitan Methodist Hospital’s team of professionals strives to save lives and heal hearts. Surgeons at Metropolitan are using the latest minimally invasive robotic procedures for open heart surgery, offering patients a faster recovery, less pain and less blood loss than with traditional open heart surgery.

Northeast Methodist Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

Northeast Methodist Hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center and among the fastest growing heart programs in South Texas, serving northeast Bexar County along with Comal and Guadalupe Counties’ residents. Surgeons at Northeast Methodist Hospital have pioneered minimally invasive heart procedures that lead to less blood loss and faster recovery with less pain. Northeast Methodist Hospital has a dedicated cardiac liaison nurse who provides individualized education and guidance for heart attack survivors, helping them to find ways to improve their heart health. Northeast Methodist Hospital is accredited as a Chest Pain Center.

Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital is home to the Methodist Healthcare Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Outpatient Program. This service provides a continuum of care for patients recovering from a heart attack or cardiac surgery, and for patients at risk of developing heart disease. The Cardiopulmonary Rehab program is staffed by registered nurses and a team that includes registered dietitians, physical therapists and diabetes educators. All members of the team have considerable experience in cardiovascular care. A full spectrum of services are provided including dietary counseling, patient education, management of medications, helping patients set wellness goals, and organizing and facilitating support groups for patients and their families.

Methodist Texsan Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

Methodist Texsan hospital is the newest member of the Methodist Healthcare family. When the facility first opened in 2004 under a different owner it was known as Texsan Heart Hospital. Its primary focus was the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. In January 2011, Methodist Healthcare became the hospital’s official owner and it was renamed Methodist Texsan Hospital. Doctors and nurses there continue to provide excellent cardiac care including cardiovascular emergencies, advanced treatment protocols that recognize the difference in male and female heart attack-related symptoms. The hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center.

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital

Methodist Stone Oak Hospital opened in 2009 with a special focus on offering care that is both high-tech and high-touch. That focus is apparent at all levels of heart services including cardiac cath labs with the most technologically advanced equipment on the market. The hospital has already established a track record for speed, beating the national average in its “door to balloon” times – which means the minutes between a patient’s arrival in the emergency department to confirmation of a diagnosis and completion of a balloon angioplasty to open up a clogged artery. Surgeons at Methodist Stone Oak offer minimally invasive heart procedures and in some cases can perform surgery on the heart through a three-inch long incision. The hospital is an accredited Chest Pain Center.

Methodist Children’s Hospital
A Campus of Methodist Hospital

The Methodist Children’s Heart Institute at Methodist Children’s Hospital provides a high degree of specialized pediatric heart care. A multidisciplinary team of experienced board-certified pediatric cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons works together to mend little hearts and also provides care for adult patients who were born with heart defects. The team is dedicated to complex congenital cardiac and thoracic conditions and diseases. Visit www.MHSChildrensHeartInstitute.com to learn more.

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