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Every year, hundreds of lives are saved across the country because of organ transplantation, and many of them right in our back yard because Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant has the nation's #1 Living Kidney Donor Program.

This wouldn't be possible without the selfless sacrifices of individuals willing to share the gift of life. Choosing to donate a kidney is a life-changing decision for both the donor and the recipient. Becoming a kidney donor is a rewarding experience - inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary things by giving the gift of life.

How do I know if I can become a Living Kidney Donor?

Becoming a Living Kidney Donor begins with answering a few simple questions. You can simply fill out our living donor referral questionnaire to see if you qualify. Our questionnaire is confidential and secure and should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Living kidney donor referral questionnaire

What if I'm not ready to be a Living Kidney Donor or don't know someone who needs a kidney?

Becoming a Living Kidney Donor is a lifetime commitment whether you know the recipient or not, and we understand that. There are other ways to share the gift of life. Do something extraordinary today and simply register to be an organ donor upon your passing.

Texas donor registry
Sean Elliott's story

San Antonio Spurs legend Sean Elliott and his brother Noel share their extraordinary story about being part of the living kidney donor program at Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant


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