Methodist Healthcare of San Antonio Graduate Medical Education (GME), in conjunction with its affiliated training institutions, provides oversight for accredited residency and fellowship programs. We are proud of the training opportunities offered at our facilities for a lifetime of learning, for both the residents and their facility leaders. GME includes medical, surgical and other subspecialty residency programs and fellowships.

The GME office is responsible for the coordination of all credentials, licensure and insurance with university program coordinators; from appointment to completion of training. The GME office provides assistance in computer and building access, parking permits, and a guide to our facility.

The GME office works closely with the GME committee, program directors and faculty to ensure all educational programs are conducted in full compliance with the guidelines of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

GME Office Location

Medical Center

7700 Floyd Curl, Suite 2124
San Antonio, TX 78229

Note: Methodist Healthcare is committed to being in substantial compliance with the ACGME institutional requirements and ensures that all of its programs are likewise in substantial compliance with their individual Resident Review Committee program requirements and the common requirements of the ACGME.