Graduate Medical Education is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all residents and will follow Methodist Healthcare's pre-employment process on all new hiring residents.

Residents must submit to the following pre-employment requirements:

  • Health screening
  • Verification of state issued clinical license
  • TB testing
  • Education Day (E-Day) activities and ethics and compliance training
  • Background investigation
  • Employment drug test

Check-in process

All residents are required to check in at the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office prior to beginning a new rotation at his/her assigned hospital. The office location will be provided in writing to the new resident.

Residents will be directed to the medical staff coordinator, for the following:

  • Identification badges – residents will be provided with pictorial ID badges after certification to begin training and are required to wear them while performing resident-related responsibilities.
  • Electronic accounts – all MHS residents will be issued information security accounts as needed at the beginning of their residency. Email is an official communication mechanism used by MHS to relay information to the residents; therefore residents must regularly check email to assure they are receiving all communications. They are expected to follow all information security policies. Policies are available on the MHS central website.
  • Parking permits – a parking request form must be completed for issuance of parking permits. Parking is available for residents in garage 1, 4th floor above the ER.
  • Credentialing packet


All residents are asked to complete the GME orientation prior to the start of their scheduled training at any Methodist Healthcare facilities. Residents will be contacted via email/mail with orientation details. Residents should bring any completed documents not yet submitted to the GME office.

Once the orientation procedure is completed, the resident will be directed to the check-in location for the program director and/or their assigned faculty member.

Professional and personal conduct

Conduct consistent with the dignity of the medical profession is required of all residents in contact with patients and their families as well as with hospital personnel. Residents may not accept fees from patients for medical services.

Each resident assigned to MHS for greater that eight months will be required to complete the MHS code of conduct training as assigned.

Texas licensure registration

Residents are personally responsible for obtaining and maintaining a full license and for paying all fees connected with full licensure. Reimbursement may be requested via the resident's professional development allowance. Copies of full licenses and renewal cards must be provided to the GME office.

DEA registration

All eligible MHS residents are required to maintain current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration during the entirety of their residency-training program. Applications for DEA registration will be coordinated by the GME office. Initial DEA registration fees will be paid by MHS. All renewal fees are the resident's responsibility. Reimbursement may be requested via the resident's professional development allowance.

National Provider Identifier (NPI) number

State law mandates that all Medicaid pharmacy claims include the signature of the attending physician for all prescriptions written by residents in order for retail pharmacies to process the prescription.

Other training

Mandatory training will be required of each resident upon hire and annually thereafter. Training will be coordinated and provided through the GME office.

Required training:

  • OSHA health and safety
  • Code of conduct
  • Fatigue recognition
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Physician relationship
  • Protection of human subject (CITI program)

Each resident will be provided with tools necessary to complete the above training in a timely manner. Other courses may be added without prior notification as deemed necessary by the facility.

Post-employment/pre-commencement of duties lab work

Employed residents are required to receive some post-employment lab work. This lab work includes, but is not limited to: PPD, tetanus, MMR, varicella titer and hepatitis surface antigen titer. Lab work connected with a resident's employment and obtained at MHS to meet employment requirements will be paid for by MHS. Documentation of any injections or immunizations received during residency to be included in a resident's medical file must be sent to the GME office.

Check-out process

At the completion of the rotation, all residents will be required to complete the check-out process to ensure all property has been returned and all medical records have been completed. Once the GME office obtains all signatures on the check-out form, the resident must return the form, ID badge, parking permit, keys (if applicable) and meal debit card (if applicable). The items must be returned for completion of residency program.