We are delighted that you are interested in pursuing a clinical rotation with Methodist Healthcare of San Antonio. Methodist Healthcare offers rotations in a wide variety of specializations, including but not limited to:

  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Medicine

The Methodist Healthcare GME Coordinator processes rotation requests for Residents, Fellows, Medical Students, and P.A. Students for all facilities within the Methodist Healthcare. There are required steps that must be completed before a Rotator may be present at any Methodist Healthcare facility.

All post-graduate programs that are accredited by the ACGME, AOA, or other accrediting body must have a current and signed Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) on file for all MHS facilities that the Rotator will be present at during the rotation period. This includes the ambulatory surgery hospital and ambulatory surgery centers for MHS. Only Methodist physicians with Active clinical privileges may supervise Rotators and be listed as the MHS supervising physicians of record.

Rotators and Program Coordinators are strongly encouraged not to finalize rotation dates until a fully executed PLA is one file with both institutions. The GME Coordinator can assist with drafting new PLAs for MHS facilities.

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) requires that all individuals enrolled in post-graduate training programs obtain a Texas Physician-in-Training Permit (PIT) if the Rotator does not already hold a Texas PIT or Texas full medical license. No Intern/Resident/Fellow may be present at any MHS facility without an active Texas PIT or Texas full medical license on file.

Information on the application process for an Out-of-State Texas PIT, including fees.

Once a PLA is on file the GME Coordinator will send the Rotator instructions on how to access the MHS Onboarding checklist via New Innovations. All documentation must be uploaded to New Innovations prior to the rotation start date.

The GME Coordinator will send Rotators information on dates and times for orientation and computer training. Orientation is mandatory for all Rotators, and computer training is required for all Rotators who need computer access during their rotations at MHS. On the last business day of the rotation the Rotator must see the GME Coordinator to check out and verify that he/she has no outstanding medical records.

IMPORTANT: External rotations are not guaranteed and are based on availability of Methodist Healthcare credentialed physicians and are subject to final approval by Methodist Healthcare administration.

Questions regarding rotations at Methodist Healthcare should be directed to:

Michelle LeJeune
GME Coordinator, Medical Staff Services
4450 Medical Drive, Suite 2124
San Antonio, TX 78229
Office: (210) 575-4272
Fax: (210) 510-6890
Email: Michelle LeJeune

GME Office Location:
7700 Medical Drive, Suite 2124
San Antonio, TX 78229