About Methodist Hospital Metropolitan Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center

Methodist Hospital Metropolitan Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center

Located on the Methodist Hospital Metropolitan campus, the Methodist Hospital Metropolitan Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center offers a multidisciplinary program to treat and manage cardiovascular disease.

We offer personalized treatment plans for cardiac rehabilitation involving evaluation, education and support for crucial healthy lifestyle changes like physical activity, nutrition and mental health. Our team is committed to providing patients with the tools they need to not only treat cardiovascular disease, but also prevent the risk of future heart problems. Cardiovascular rehabilitation is even proven to extend a person’s life expectancy up to five years.

Our primary goal is to improve your cardiovascular functions and get you back to feeling like your best self.

For more information about our services, please call (210) 757-2868.

Conditions we treat

Anyone with a cardiovascular condition is encouraged to call the clinic or talk to your provider about Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. The program is designed for patients with the following cardiac conditions, but is not limited to:

Our rehabilitation program

Created to support each patient in helping them reach their potential, physically, mentally and spiritually, the program at the Methodist Hospital Metropolitan Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Center incorporates long-term lifestyle changes to treat and prevent heart problems.

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of:

  • Dietitians
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Registered nurses
  • Respiratory therapists

Cardiovascular rehabilitation offers:

  • An assessment of your personal risk factors for heart and blood vessel disease
  • Education and support to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Design and implementation of an individualized exercise plan
  • Monitoring and better control of blood pressure, lipids, diabetes
  • Psychological/depression assessment and support
  • Opportunity to meet and share stories with other patients in a group exercise setting
  • Improved communication with your doctor and other healthcare providers about your progress following your cardiac event

Outcomes of patient participation in our cardiovascular rehabilitation program often include:

  • A quicker return to everyday activities, including work and regular exercise
  • Decrease in effects of cardiovascular disease–both physical and emotional
  • Greater ability to handle stress
  • Improved confidence and independence
  • Improved levels of blood cholesterol
  • Improved recovery after hospitalization
  • Increased ability to quit smoking and/or the use of other tobacco products
  • Increased stamina, strength and flexibility
  • Reduced body fat and increased muscle mass
  • Weight loss and weight management

A doctor’s order is required to enroll in the program. Our office is available to assist you in obtaining the referral from your physician and verifying your insurance benefits.

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