Volunteers help us fulfill our mission: serving humanity to honor God by providing exceptional and cost-effective healthcare accessible to all.

Do you want to give back to the community, learn about the healthcare industry and make new friends?

We have some rewarding opportunities for ages 16 and older to have fun sharing talents and interests while serving others. Join our volunteers who dedicate part of their day to helping our patients, staff and visitors and learn what it means to be involved in a meaningful way.

Are you eligible to be a volunteer?

Junior volunteers must be 16 to 18 years old and willing to serve 50 hours over the 10-week summer program.

Adult volunteers must be 18+ years old.

How do you become a volunteer?

For junior volunteers (ages 16-18):

  1. Download the volunteer application packet (available online between January and March 2020)
  2. Interview in person on March 8, 2020
    • Note: Doors open at 10:00am and there will be directional signs in the hospital to Herbert Looney’s office where you will interview
  3. Bring your completed application to your in-person interview

For adult volunteers (ages 18+):

  1. Fill out a hard copy of the volunteer application packet
  2. Schedule an interview (weekdays only)
  3. Bring your completed application to your in-person interview


Contact Herbert Looney, Manager of Volunteer Services

(210) 638-2107
1139 East Sonterra Blvd, San Antonio, Texas, 78258