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Catherine L Brigman, MD

Catherine L Brigman, MD

Pediatric Gastroenterology
Pediatric Gastroenterologist Catherine Brigman, MD is a San Antonio native with a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Saint Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas. She was on her way to a doctorate in nutrition when she realized she needed more from a career in nutrition than what she might get from working in a lab. Dr. Brigman decided to pursue a medical degree which she received from University of Texas Medical School at Houston in Houston, Texas. She completed her residency in pediatrics and was inspired by how happy and resilient her pediatric patients were. Dr. Brigman also became very passionate about preventive care. She realized that becoming a pediatric gastroenterologist would offer the perfect combination of her interests in nutrition and preventive care. She completed her fellowship in pediatric gastroenterology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Prior to joining Pediatric Specialists of Texas, Dr. Brigman was in private practice in San Antonio. She is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric gastroenterology.


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