Our Values, Mission, and Roots

Our Values

Methodist Healthcare has evolved to meet the growing needs of our community, but our commitment since opening its first hospital in 1963 remains true: to continuously improve the health and wellness of our community by "Serving Humanity to Honor God."

For those involved in designing, delivering and consistently improving Methodist Healthcare services, it is a healing ministry—a sacred trust, a Holy Ground. We dedicate our professional lives to those we serve and to each other.

Our Mission

The Mission of Methodist Healthcare is to Serve Humanity to Honor God by providing exceptional and cost-effective healthcare accessible to all. Furthermore, our Vision is for Methodist Healthcare to be a world class healthcare provider, continually raising the standards of performance excellence and advancing the health status of the community. In doing so, we acknowledge our Values to be Compassionate Service, Ownership/Pride, Privacy, Safety, Accountability, Teamwork, Attitude, Appearance, Communication and Fun. Our full mission statement...

On an individual basis, we commit to:

  • Cure when we can
  • Escort to death’s door when we must
  • Always create healing experiences

Our Roots

Methodist Healthcare System began as Methodist Hospital, a single, five-story acute care facility that was chartered in 1955 and first opened its doors in 1963. Methodist Hospital was built on dairy and ranch land on the outskirts of northwest San Antonio, beginning the nationally renowned South Texas Medical Center.

The Methodist Healthcare System was formed in 1995 by Methodist Hospital’s Board of Trustees that formed a 50-50 co-ownership between Methodist Healthcare Ministries, South Texas' largest non-public funding source of community health care, and HCA, the nation’s leading provider of health care services with 163 hospitals.

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