Social Media

Methodist Healthcare makes every effort to stay connected with our most important resources—each of you, so it was only natural that we join the conversation using popular social media tools. We look forward to reading comments, stories and questions from the community and our employees. To keep our pages and accounts safe and professional, we have developed these guidelines. By participating in our social media and online communication, users agree to follow the guidelines below:

Social Media & Online Communications Guide

Methodist Healthcare would like to hear your experiences at its facilities. Share them on our wall or contact our public relations staff by emailing

On our websites, social media and other communication tools, Methodist Healthcare encourages discussion, conversation, questions and feedback from the community and our employees. We ask that you keep your comments respectful and on topic. Please remember that what we say should not be considered medical advice. Also, please be aware that what you post is public and could be used for internal or external marketing or public relations purposes.

Our public relations and marketing team work with other staff members to manage social media and websites. We strive to respond to posts and requests in a timely manner but it is not a guarantee. If you need a direct, quick response, it’s best to contact the appropriate department.

Methodist Healthcare reserves the right to delete posts for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Offensive language
  • False comments
  • Negative comments about other healthcare providers
  • Personal Attacks
  • Spam
  • Excessive posts
  • Advertisements of products or services
  • Posts that violate Facebook policy
  • Posts that violate confidentiality policies
  • Posts made by Methodist Healthcare employees that violate employee social media policy