Transplant Services

All transplant programs are not the same. Methodist Healthcare was the first organization in the United States to establish a comprehensive program combining both stem cell transplant and solid organ transplant programs. Since 1999, we have grown to become a top destination for people from all over the world. We have assembled a team of world-class physicians, nurses, administrators and coordinators with vast experience in the field of transplantation. We consistently receive international praise for our outstanding kidney transplant, liver transplant and pancreas transplant programs, setting record numbers for volume and desired outcomes.


The 26-bed medical/surgical unit emphasizes highly personal nursing care for patients recovering from operations related to urology, orthopedics, gastric bypass/weight loss and general surgeries. Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant has three dedicated endoscopic/laparoscopic operating suites featuring equipment that allows surgeons to perform traditional surgeries through smaller incisions. This type of surgery offers a number of benefits including decreased hospitalization, faster recovery and lowered risk of infection.

Sexual Assault Response Team

The sexual assault response team at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant provides a compassionate environment for sexual assault survivors ages 13 and up. Through an exclusive agreement with local law enforcement agencies, a sexual assault nurse examiner trained by the Texas Attorney General’s office provides comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors and collects physical evidence that can be used to prosecute offenders. Follow-up care, counseling and treatment of related injuries are also provided. A chaplain and advocate from the rape crisis center provide counseling and support to the survivor and family.