Going to a basketball game, taking your grandchildren to the museum or even just going for a walk used to be easy, but now your hip pain is holding you back. If you live with hip pain or have experienced an injury, our multidisciplinary team of orthopedic specialists at the Joint Replacement Center at Methodist Hospital Texsan can help.

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Candidates for hip replacement surgery

  • Experience hip pain or stiffness after sitting for a long time, or getting out of bed
  • Have pain, swelling, or tenderness in the hip joint
  • Hear or feel “crunching” in the hip joint
  • Conservative methods of treatment, like medication, have not improved pain
  • Walking aid devices no longer help mobility
  • Sleep quality suffers from overnight pain
  • Everyday activities are no longer possible or create a lot of pain, such as getting out of a chair or walking
  • Joint stiffness after periods of rest
  • Joint pain persists even when lying down or sitting still
  • Your physician has determined you are a good candidate for joint replacement surgery

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Why choose Methodist Hospital Texsan for joint care

We pride ourselves on provided clear and compassionate communication with each patient to ensure your recovery process is smooth and safe.

  • Excellent joint replacement outcomes: Over 95% of our patients walk within 4 hours of their surgery. We’re proud that 93% of our patients would recommend this program to a loved one and 96% of our patients feel that they’ve had meaningful interactions with our Orthopedic Physician team
  • Orthopedic program manager: An orthopedic registered nurse is dedicated to providing preoperative education and assistance every step of the way. This helps ensure you have the best possible outcome.
  • Facilities dedicated to joint replacement care: Our state-of-the-art operating suites and an entire hospital wing dedicated to our joint replacement patients. This includes private patient rooms and a physical therapy gym with a practice staircase to help establish confidence in your new joint before you go home.

Advanced treatment options

Methodist Healthcare is proud to offer the latest advancement in hip replacements in San Antonio. Methodist Hospital Texsan offers specialized robotic assisted surgery that helps surgeons more precisely size, position and align implants for each patient.

Before surgery, a model of the patient's joint is developed from computed tomography (CT) scans. Using this 3D model, the orthopedic surgeon plans the optimal size and position of the implants. Robotic-assisted surgery is a less invasive surgery, which reduces the possibility of complications and reduces your recovery time.

Specialized programs for hip replacement

The Joint Replacement Center

One of the specialized orthopedic programs offered throughout Methodist Healthcare, The Joint Replacement Center at Methodist Hospital Texsan is a dedicated inpatient center for elective total joint replacement surgery. Our goal is for our hip replacement patients to return to their favorite activities as soon as possible. This program offers the latest treatment options, and family members are encouraged to participate in group therapy and other activities.

About hip replacement surgery

When noninvasive and conservative treatments have failed to alleviate hip pain, it may be time to consider hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty. Hip replacement surgery can be either a total hip replacement or a partial hip replacement. Your Orthopedic surgeon will determine which procedure is appropriate for you.

Preparing for surgery

Preparing for your hip replacement surgery is a key factor of your success. We encourage you to understand what your procedure is, participate in pre and post surgery physical therapy to minimize your recovery time.

In addition, we offer special education for each hip replacement patient that outlines everything you should expect both before and after your surgery. It is important for you to understand pain management and therapy expectations prior to your surgery to help ensure a safe and quick recovery.

The majority of your preoperative preparation is discussed before surgery with your primary care physician and orthopedic surgeon.

Weight loss before your hip surgery

For your safety, there are certain health requirements that a patient must meet before surgery can be performed. Occasionally, weight can be an issue for some patients. Methodist Healthcare offers several options to lose weight prior to your surgery. Depending on how much weight you may need to lose, medical weight loss programs or bariatric surgery may be appropriate. Weight loss prior to joint replacement surgery can greatly reduce both in-hospital and postoperative complications.

After surgery

After your surgery, it is expected that you’ll be sore and tired. To get you back on your feet quicker, our specially trained team of nurses and therapists will work with you in both individual and group settings for physical and occupational therapy as needed. Our goal is to get you able to walk the day of your surgery. Slow and steady movement is key after your surgery in regaining your full mobility down your road to recovery.

Managing your pain level is also an important part of your recovery. We will do everything we can to manage your pain while you stay with us; and, before you are discharged home, our team will evaluate your current pain levels to ensure a safe pain management plan is place for your home recovery.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Sometimes, a surgical procedure may require additional therapy or rehabilitation services. If additional inpatient therapy or rehabilitation is needed, Methodist Hospital Texsan is home to one of San Antonio’s most comprehensive and comfortable inpatient rehabilitation centers.

Award winning orthopedic care

Methodist Hospital Texsan is proud to provide the Balcones Heights and surrounding community experienced, award winning orthopedic, spine and sports medicine care. Our program has received the following recognitions:


The Joint Commission

2019 Guardian of Excellence Award - Press Ganey

Visiting us

Our orthopedic surgical unit is located on the third floor of the hospital. Free parking is available for patients and visitors in the surface lot located just in front of the. We ask that all guests check in at the admissions desk through the hospital lobby entrance. Our admissions desk staff will direct you to your final destination.