Certified Nurse Midwives are medical professionals who manage the processes of labor, delivery and postpartum care. Midwifery minimizes the level of medical intervention during pregnancy and delivery. Our team of CNMs offer healthcare for women from adolescence through adulthood, including pregnancy and holistic birth.

Why choose a Certified Nurse Midwife?

Certified Nurse Midwives are Nurse Practitioners who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. A CNM may be the best fit for you if you are looking for holistic and patient-centered care. Midwives act as a partner to empower you to play an active role in your health.

Midwives take the time to listen, understand your needs, and educate and support you in your choices. Their goal is to support your individualized birth plan while promoting over health and well-being for you and your baby through a life-changing and fulfilling experience.

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Midwives are supportive of:

  • Birth plans
  • Bradley Method
  • Epidural
  • Natural childbirth
  • Episiotomy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Family-centered care
  • Prenatal care

Conditions we treat:

  • Women of all ages
  • Women with moderate health concerns
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)
  • Gestational diabetes

Methodist Hospital midwifery labor & delivery services

  • Prenatal care
    • Low to moderate-risk pregnancy care
    • Pregnancy-related medical disorders
    • Late prenatal care
  • Childbirth services
    • All pain management techniques, including natural birth and epidural
    • Options during labor, including the freedom to move, use of a birthing ball or shower, ability to eat and drink while laboring, alternative birthing positions and hypnobirthing.
    • Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on site
    • Support for vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC)
    • Lactation consultants

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Teamwork and collaboration

Through a unique, collaborative model, our CNMs offer services to women with some pregnancy complications including those desiring vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC). If patients develop a condition that needs a specialist’s attention, CNMs work closely with the obstetrician hospitalists to ensure access to specialized care for you and your baby.