Neonatal intensive care unit at Methodist Children's Hospital

Methodist Children's Hospital's newborn intensive care unit (NICU) is one of the largest in the region with 94 beds and 19,000 square feet. As a Level IV NICU, we offer the highest level of neonatal care available, and our board-certified neonatologists and nurses provide expert care to babies in critical times of need.

To learn more about our NICU at Methodist Children's Hospital, please call (210) 575-0355/a>.

Our compassionate team is specially trained to care for babies who are born prematurely, possess congenital disorders or are critically ill in San Antonio. We also have the capability to tend to high-risk deliveries at the Methodist Hospital’s Women’s Pavilion.

Services we provide at our neonatal ICU

We are equipped to give advanced, comprehensive care to babies. Highlights of our NICU include:

  • FirstSteps Donor Milk Program⁠—This program provides human breast milk to babies who are prematurely born.
  • Newborn transport capability⁠—We are able to transfer babies who need a higher level of care to our NICU from their originating hospitals and back when they are ready.
  • State-of-the-art equipment⁠—We use the most advanced technology to provide life support, respiratory therapy and conventional and non-conventional mechanical ventilation for our patients.
  • Specialized nurses and doctors—Our team is specially trained to diagnose and treat patients with the most critical diagnoses, including rare congenital conditions.

Level IV NICU visitor information

We are located in the North Tower on the first floor of Methodist Hospital. Visitors may park in Garage 1 or use our valet service. We are a closed unit, and visitors must have a badge to enter the unit.

NICU at Methodist Healthcare

The neonatal intensive care unit works to provide critical care to newborns who are ill or premature. Many factors may lead to a newborn being admitted to the NICU, including low birth weight or complications during delivery. The NICU staff works closely with parents to develop a treatment plan for their newborn.

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