San Antonio, TX - Over the last year, Methodist Hospital Northeast’s neurosurgical program has significantly grown from elective spine surgeries to advanced and comprehensive brain and spine care. The hospital’s elite neurosurgical team continues to pursue innovative techniques as they explore the best possible treatment options for each patient.

Methodist Hospital Northeast is performing cutting-edge procedures that are not only new to the hospital, but also new to San Antonio. Last year, the team successfully completed the city’s first minimally-invasive spinal compression fracture surgery that specifically inserts a device into the bone that is used to elevate the height of the bone to its normal level. The pain is very minimal, and the patient can return to their regular routine within a week.

“The thought of getting this fixed with an easy procedure and returning patients back to their normal life is really a privilege for me to offer,” said Dr. Osama Ahmed, Neurosurgeon. “That’s why I’ve embraced this new technology because I want to keep delivering up-to-date techniques and procedures to our community.”

The increased complexity of Methodist Hospital Northeast’s neurosurgical program has not only allowed them to better serve our San Antonio community, but also patients from all over the world. Recently, 19-year-old Letizia Milesi traveled from Italy to America for the first time to receive a life-changing procedure that doctors in her country were not comfortable performing. “The impact the procedure had on my life has been revolutionary. It allowed me to live, walk and be happy again,” Letizia said.

With the recent advancements, patients can receive treatment for the following conditions: traumatic brain injury, brain hemorrhages, aneurysms, vascular malformations, spine trauma, brain and spine tumors and degenerative spine. Methodist Hospital Northeast continues to invest in new technologies and techniques in an effort to provide the community with the highest quality of health care.