Comprehensive organ transplant program in San Antonio, Texas

Methodist Healthcare has grown to become a leader in transplant services across the nation and the world. Our teams of expert medical professionals have worked with over 5,000 transplant recipients and use cutting-edge research and technology to provide our patients with the level of quality, service and care they deserve.

To learn more about transplant services at Methodist Healthcare, call our HealthLine at (210) 575-8400.

We were the first organization in the U.S. to establish a comprehensive transplant program that combines both adult solid organ and adult and pediatric stem cell transplant programs, with the majority of our specialized transplant services primarily carried out at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant and Methodist Hospital. Now, Methodist Healthcare has grown to become a top choice for people from all over the world. We have assembled a team of world-class physicians, nurses, administrators and coordinators with vast experience in the field of transplantation.

Transplant services

Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant

Methodist Healthcare's specialized transplant services are primarily carried out at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Methodist Hospital and Transplant is the nation's number one Living Kidney Donor Program, which further illustrates our commitment to delivering high-quality care to our transplant patients.

Methodist Healthcare also has satellite clinics throughout the Greater San Antonio area for patients who do not live locally. Our satellite clinics are open either on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and patients are able to receive their initial transplant evaluation.

Additionally, patients who have received a transplant and are one-year into recovery and in good health may have the option to receive follow-up care at a satellite clinic, instead of commuting to San Antonio. Our satellite clinic locations include:

Kidney transplant

We offer the most comprehensive kidney transplant services in San Antonio and the state of Texas, at our specialized Kidney Transplant Clinic. In addition to traditional deceased kidney donor transplantation we offer more options, so patients can receive life-saving transplants even faster.

We have a large living kidney donor program, meaning patients can receive a kidney from a living donor with two healthy kidneys, instead of waiting for extended periods of time for a deceased donor kidney to become available.

We also have a specialized team solely dedicated to kidney paired donor exchange, designed to match up a donor/recipient pair with another pair that could be a compatible match for each other.

Liver transplant

As one of the top programs in the country for transplantation, hepatology and liver disease care, the Liver Disease and Transplant Program at Methodist Healthcare has performed over 700 transplants since 2001. On a percentage basis, we have transplanted more medically urgent patients than any other transplant facility in Texas.

For more information about our liver transplant services, please call (210) 575-4837.

For patients with end-stage liver disease or liver failure, Methodist Healthcare offers a liver transplant option through our Liver Failure Clinic. We offer comprehensive treatment programs, educational sessions and more to patients and their families as they navigate the transplant journey. Our program is led by a group of physicians with more than 60 years of combined expertise in all aspects of liver disease management, transplant services and procedures.

Pancreas transplant

We offer pancreas transplant and combination of kidney-pancreas transplant options for our patients in San Antonio. With more than 100 pancreas transplants and combination kidney-pancreas transplants performed, we have the most preferred program in Texas.

For more information about our pancreas transplant services, please call (210) 575-8425.

Our dedicated team of clinical research and transplant services experts provides patients access to the newest developments in transplant medications and disease management. Pancreas transplant patients are cared for by the same team that serves our kidney transplant program.

Heart transplant

A heart transplant can help patients with heart failure, a condition that means the heart no longer pumps enough to meet the demands of the body. The goal of the heart transplant program is to exhaust all medical therapies before resorting to a heart transplant, which is reserved as a final life-saving option. Transplant services are only considered for patients with severe heart failure who meet heart transplant criteria and have healthy organs otherwise. With the largest heart transplant program in Central and South Texas, our team has performed more than 500 transplants and implanted over 200 assist devices since the start of the program in 1986.

For more information about our heart transplant services, please call (210) 575-8485.

Our Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Program, located within Methodist Plaza, not only provides heart transplants for patients with heart failure, but offers education and support services to ensure a healthy life post-transplant.

We offer cardiac rehabilitation services and provide patients with the proper tools to maintain a healthy diet and build an exercise plan.

Lung transplant

A patient with lung disease can have a variety of symptoms ranging from shortness of breath to chronic cough and exhaustion. If left untreated, lung disease can be deadly. Lung transplantation may be an option to consider for a patient with advanced lung disease who has exerted all other treatment options, as well as other criteria that would make them a good candidate for lung transplantation.

To schedule a consultation call (210) 575-9500.

While lung transplantation can potentially extend and improve the quality of your life, there is risk involved. The Methodist Hospital Lung Transplant Program is designed to provide each patient a personalized approach to his or her treatment plan. The multidisciplinary transplant team comprised of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, and physical therapists is there throughout every step of the lung transplant journey.

Hepatobiliary surgery

Hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery, more commonly known as hepatobiliary surgery is a surgical sub-specialty focused on treating cancer and diseases of the liver, pancreas, bile duct and gallbladder. It involves the removal of primary and metastatic tumors in these organs. It also encompasses the treatment of benign diseases such as cysts, bile duct injuries, gallstones and portal hypertension.

At Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant, our team of highly trained health professionals are known for their expertise, offering personalized surgical services for liver, pancreas and biliary cancers. Our physicians diagnose, treat and provide care for people with biliary disorders, including malignancy of their liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and transplant services.

Organ donation

Every year, hundreds of lives are saved across the country because of organ transplantation, and many of them right in our back yard. This wouldn't be possible without the selfless sacrifices of individuals willing to share the gift of life. The transplant team at Methodist Healthcare has developed multiple leading transplant programs for recipients in need of kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and even lung transplants. Our nationally recognized transplant programs are only possible because of the countless individuals who choose to donate life by becoming an organ donor. When ordinary people are empowered to do extraordinary things – you give the gift of life. Be the reason behind someone’s tomorrow.

Become an organ donor