Methodist Healthcare
December 18, 2018

Vitamin C won’t prevent a cold, but an overall healthy diet, with a mix of nutrients, can help keep you well.

Sean and Claudia Zapata-Elliott to be health ambassadors for largest health system in Methodist Healthcare.

Methodist Healthcare
November 30, 2018

Learn why breakfast helps children perform better during and after school, plus ideas to help your little ones fuel up in the morning.

Methodist Healthcare
November 14, 2018

Make sure you know how to differentiate normal symptoms from serious ones and when to seek help, so you can prevent a potentially life-threatening...

Methodist Healthcare
November 08, 2018

Mommy-to-be can and should get a flu shot. Here’s why.

Methodist garners more A’s than any system in South Texas

In celebration of the organization's 50th anniversary, HCA Healthcare has published 50 Voices of HCA Healthcare, a collection of interviews highlighting...

Largest health system in South Texas selects new leader.

A lifesaving treatment helped one local man get back on his feet after he was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia.

Father’s Day always means some special family time, but for one San Antonio family this year is the most important yet.

Methodist once again graded as safest health care system in the region.

Leading kidney care services provider and nationally recognized kidney transplant program set new standards in continuum of care and data accuracy...

Methodist Healthcare System (MHS) CEO Jaime Wesolowski has announced his retirement following a decade of exceptional leadership to the health...

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Welcomes Delegation of Chinese Intensivists For Tour of Surgical Intensive Care Unit on Monday, February 26, ...

Methodist Healthcare
February 01, 2018

When you have the flu, you want the quickest solution to feeling better, but how do you know when your symptoms need further attention?

Methodist Healthcare
January 26, 2018

Texas is experiencing a spike in flu activity this season — take care of yourself by building your immune system to stay strong, and help fight...

Methodist Healthcare
January 19, 2018

Flu cases have reached an all time high, but it can be difficult to distinguish if your symptoms are the flu or a cold.