Methodist Hospital
November 23, 2021

Fernando Nino (42) fell critically-ill to COVID-19 in September. After other hospital systems told his fiancé, Michele Herbert, that Fernando would not pull through, her prayers were answered when he was selected to receive ECMO life-support therapy at Methodist Hospital. 

Fernando was cannulated for several months and remained in the Lung Rescue ICU while his body tried to recover from the residual effects of the virus. For many weeks, Michele refused to believe that her fiancé might not leave the hospital again. With the weight of the unknown on her shoulders, she and Fernando decided to wed in Methodist Hospital on November 17, the same day as Michele’s birthday.

Nurses from the Lung Rescue ICU organized the wedding of their dreams, equipped with cake, flowers and balloons. Michelle wore a white gown down the aisle of the hospital halls, which were lined with the care team who was eager to save Fernando’s life. At the end of the aisle that led to the chapel, Michele was met by her soon-to-be husband and Reverend Charlie Hornes who would officiate their marriage.     

“It took a lot to be where we are today. I’m glad it’s a celebration and not otherwise,” Michele emotionally commented. “I just can’t believe that we’re here today, and it’s better than I could have ever imagined.”

After the newlyweds celebrated with a traditional champagne toast and a tasting of the wedding cake, Michele shared remarks of pure gratitude for Fernando’s care team and their tireless efforts in saving his life.

“Thank you all so much for everything that you’ve done and do every single day. Not just for him [Fernando]. But you all work endlessly; it is amazing that you can work day in and day out and still continue through the bad. Thank you for not giving up, and thank you all so much for doing all the work that you do,” said Michele.