UAMTF ‑ 627 team standing in front of the Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan sign.

San Antonio, TX – Earlier this month, members of the Urban Augmentation Medical Task Force ‑ 627 began work at several hospitals in San Antonio. Among this group of soldiers are 10 who are lending their skills to support Methodist Hospital Metropolitan’s fight against COVID-19.

The first 85 members of the UAMTF ‑ 627 began work in San Antonio on July 9. They are also aiding medical staff at Baptist Health Center, Christus Santa Rosa Medical Center and University Hospital.

The soldiers assigned to San Antonio are part of a larger contingent of medical staff from the 627th Hospital Center in Fort Carson, Colo., who are serving at the request of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state officials from Texas and California. All of the soldiers bring with them various medical specialties.

“Our soldiers train daily to maintain clinical skills so we can save and sustain lives wherever and whenever the nation calls,” stated U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jason Hughes, a commander of the UAMTF ‑ 627, in a statement released by U.S. Army North Public Affairs office. U.S. Army North is overseeing the military operation. “We’re proud to be here to support FEMA and Texas, and will work side by side with hospital workers to help communities as long as we are needed.” The UAMTF ‑ 627 also includes soldiers from Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

“We are committed to assisting those in need as part of the ongoing whole-of-America response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lt. Gen. Laura J. Richardson, U.S. Army North commander.

UAMTF ‑ 627 will serve San Antonio through at least the end of August.