Methodist Healthcare
May 25, 2015

Dr. Paul Shaughnessy and Dr. Marsha Kinney Visit Washington DC to Discuss Oral Oncology Parity Laws

Dr. Paul Shaughnessy, Adult Blood and Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Physician at Methodist Hospital, and Dr. Marsha Kinney were honored to represent the American Society of Hematology in Washington DC earlier this week. They met with Congressman William Hurd, as well as staff members from the offices of Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Lamar Smith, to discuss Oral Oncology Parity Laws and advocate for patients who have to pay large co-payments for their anti-cancer oral therapy. 

Oral Oncology Parity Laws can assist patients in accessing innovative medications that directly attack cancer cells. Often IV administered therapies are offered at a much lower out-of-pocket cost to patients than anti-cancer medications. These laws push to equalize out-of-pocket costs between oral and IV therapies.

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Photo: Dr. Paul Shaughnessy (right) Dr. Marsha Kinney (left) Congressman William Hurd (center)