Methodist Healthcare
February 02, 2024


In a powerful display of commitment to cardiovascular health, two Methodist Healthcare hospitals, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan, are set to illuminate their buildings in radiant red throughout the month of February, in honor of Heart Month.

Methodist Healthcare’s initiative to glow red symbolizes solidarity with those affected by heart-related issues and serves as a beacon of hope for a heart-healthy future. The Methodist Heart program is home to a skilled team of cardiovascular specialists who offer expert, compassionate care and treat heart attacks, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease in eight hospitals and 40 clinics across the greater San Antonio region. As the largest provider of cardiovascular services in South Texas, the Methodist Heart program maintains a world-class reputation and has received several prestigious accreditations for clinical excellence.

Methodist Healthcare specializes in heart health education and in bringing awareness to the early signs of disease.

Learn your risk for heart disease by taking a free health assessment.


The entire month of February 2024


Methodist Hospital, 7700 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229

Methodist Hospital Metropolitan,1310 McCullough Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212


The exteriors of Methodist Hospital and Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan

Media Contacts:

Mary Kane Ziegler, Director of Communications, Methodist Hospital, (210) 300-4389

Christiani Bachmann, Communications Manager, Methodist Hospital Metropolitan, (210) 300-9995