Methodist Healthcare
August 04, 2019

Chanel, Lady and Rudy Take Their First Ever Flight to El Paso to Comfort First Responders, Patients, and Families During Tragic Time

Emergency Services Facility Dogs help first responders process the incredible stress, trauma and grief they experience daily on the job. The rate of suicides by first responders—firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement—has escalated from one every seven days to one a day. These dogs can reach places in the heart no human can. Chanel, Lady, and Rudy are Golden Retriever/Labrador mixes that work with both EMS first responders and hospital staff using their special talent for seeking out individuals in crisis. “Chanel spots them immediately and goes right to them,” said Brandon Miller, EMS Relations Manager at Methodist Healthcare. Stationed in Emergency Rooms, the dogs make daily rounds throughout Methodist Healthcare San Antonio hospitals. This time, the dogs will be staying in El Paso for several days to visit multiple first responder stations as well as all hospitals within the city.

Facility dogs are trained to a higher level than therapy dogs. Service Dogs, Inc. provides facility first responder dogs free of charge and rely on donations to cover the cost of training for the lifetime of the dog.