Methodist Healthcare
June 27, 2016

Methodist Hospital, along with the San Antonio Fire Department and EMS save lives every day, however, some saves are so extraordinary that the story must be shared.  Yesterday, Deyanira and David Lerma, reunited with Mrs. Lerma’s lifesaving teams from Methodist Hospital and SA Fire and EMS to thank them for “saving the life of their family.” 

At a special presentation at the hospital, the Lerma family recounted the harrowing details of Mrs. Lerma experiencing a severe heart attack and being brought back to life.  On May 7, 2015, the night before Mother’s Day, David and Deyanira were at the gym working out when she began to feel sick and started throwing up.  David offered to take her to the ER, but she wanted to get back home to help get their children ready for bed. 

It was at home that David found Deyanira cold and unresponsive and immediately called 911 and began CPR, which he had learned at his job at AT&T.  When Fire and EMS arrived they had to implement double sequential shock (advanced cardiac life support) in order to bring her back.  En route to Methodist Hospital, this team used a LUCAS device, which provides uninterrupted chest compressions creating life-sustaining circulation to the patient.  The device had been provided to several EMS stations by Methodist Healthcare.  By keeping her blood pumping, the EMS team was able to save her life and avoid neurological damage with a steady supply of oxygen to the heart and brain while en route to Methodist Hospital.

Once at the hospital, Jorge Alvarez, MD, interventional cardiologist, quickly performed a procedure using the Impella Device, the world’s tiniest heart pump to keep her heart pumping strongly while undergoing  further life-saving measures.  “Mrs. Lerma was so lucky that EMS transported her to Methodist Hospital, where some of the best cardiac care is available including some of the city’s most innovative technology.”  “Survivability of a heart attack outside of the hospital is 10 in 100 patients. We’re so proud to be able to provide some of the best cardiac therapies to the people of San Antonio and are also grateful for Mrs. Lerma’s amazing outcome,” he said.

Through tears of gratitude, the Lerma Family thanked the three entities for saving Deyanira’s life and thus the life of their entire family.