Methodist Healthcare
September 21, 2021

A relaxation pod at Methodist Hospital

Well-rested healthcare providers are essential to whole communities. A new pilot at Methodist Hospital is helping frontline doctors, nurses and staff get some much-needed rest. Methodist Hospital has launched relaxation pods, a safe, private, comfortable, clean, and soundproof space for physicians and staff to recharge without having to leave the hospital. The sound-blocking relaxation pods are designed to provide individuals with comfort, privacy and a quick escape.

Each 43.5 square-foot pod features either a comfortable twin-sized bed or massage chair, a privacy and sound-blocking curtain, and charging stations. Rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols are in place to ensure each employee enjoys a safe and clean experience.

“Our caregivers have worked tirelessly combatting the COVID-19 pandemic for the past year and a half,” commented Janelle Lopez, Associate Chief Operating Officer for Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s Hospital. “In the midst of strenuous shifts and high levels of stress, we’ve looked for effective ways to support our team members. We are excited to welcome these relaxation pods into our facility to offer a comfortable and secure space for staff to pause and recharge.”

As of September 21, doctors, nurses and staff have access to 2 relaxation pods as a space to safely recharge.