Methodist Hospital
December 12, 2022

More than 14 percent of Bexar County residents have diabetes, which is higher than the state average of 11.4 percent and the national average of 10.5 percent. Methodist Hospital is proud to have opened the Diabetic Foot and Ankle Institute (DFAI) to serve as a barricade against San Antonio’s high rates of diabetes complications, one of the highest-ranked cities in the nation.

Diabetes-related complications and infection can often lead to the loss of limbs. Preventing lower extremity amputation is critical, not only for mobility but also for survival. Delayed treatment is the largest contributor to diabetic amputations, and some of the most serious complications of diabetes are poor circulation and loss of sensation in the feet. These issues put patients with diabetes at greater risk for foot ulcers, non-healing wounds, and infections that, left untreated, often result in the loss of a lower extremity.

The Methodist Diabetic Foot and Ankle Institute provides the highest and most comprehensive level of patient-centered care by treating complex deformities, infections, and traumatic injuries. The program takes a multidisciplinary approach and offers the most up-to-date treatment options with a focus on wound healing and amputation prevention. The DFAI team is comprised of a range of specialists, including cardiologists, wound care specialists, vascular surgeons, and endocrinologists.

When preventive measures have been exhausted, various surgical approaches can be offered to provide each patient with a functional, biomechanically sound foot that is free of infection, while minimizing the risk of future lower extremity complications.

“We have a team of medical and surgical experts readily available to care for our patients with any underlying conditions and lower extremity complications,” said Thomas Zgonis, DPM, FACFAS, Podiatric Surgeon and DFAI Medical Director.

The Methodist Diabetic Foot and Ankle Institute is leading the way in diabetes care by healing infections, restoring circulation, and performing reconstructive surgery to ensure patients have the highest quality of life with restored mobility.

“Our goal is to redefine care to the San Antonio community and to become the leading center and resource for advanced wound care and lower extremity preservation,” said Dr. Zgonis.

The Methodist Diabetic Foot and Ankle Center is located at 7726 Louis Pasteur Dr., San Antonio, TX 78229. To make an appointment, call (210) 575-3327 or talk to your primary care provider.

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