Methodist Healthcare
September 24, 2020

Methodist Hospital recently opened a new cardiovascular hybrid operating suite. The state-of-the-art operating room (OR) combines catheterization and imaging technology in a traditional surgical setting, allowing physicians to perform some of the most complex, high-risk heart surgeries.

The hybrid OR accommodates both open surgical and minimally invasive endovascular and cardiac procedures. Offering the most advanced technology, tools, and space, the hybrid OR enables clinical teams to perform necessary scans and treatment without transferring patients to another room or department. Additionally, it is equipped with exceptional hardware and software designed specifically for less invasive procedures.

The OR suite features an advanced digital X-ray system, among the latest in robotic technologies. The system fuses X-ray images with CT scans and displays a real-time 3D visualization of the heart and vessels’ intricate structure. This helps physicians visualize and navigate the heart during surgery and helps plan, guide, and assess structural heart procedures and improve stent visibility before and after deployment. The technology assists in the diagnoses and treatment of patients with complex cardiovascular and cardiac diseases with greater confidence and precision.

“The hybrid OR suite offers everything we need in one room, enabling open and endovascular procedures to be performed more efficiently in one setting. Our patients can feel confident that they are receiving the best care possible in a surgical environment equipped with the most advanced tools to perform the simplest to the most highly complex procedures with enhanced precision and accuracy. This is done while minimizing radiation exposure for the patient without compromising image quality,” commented Kim de la Cruz, Aortic Surgeon with Methodist Aortic Center.

Patients also benefit from the innovative technology. The system helps reduce procedure time by up to 28% and offers the potential to reduce procedural radiation dose.

"We are pleased to provide this advanced hybrid operating room to our patients and medical teams. The expansion aligns with our commitment to provide exceptional technology with better patient outcomes," commented Dan Miller, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children's Hospital CEO. "This is a major step forward in the cardiovascular care we provide our community and ensures our patients receive quality care close to home."

The first procedure occurred on September 21.