Methodist Hospital
June 09, 2020

Methodist Hospital has opened a new 24-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit offering comprehensive, individualized services for patients recovering from serious injuries or illness. Located on the third floor of Methodist Hospital, the unit offers immediate 24/7 access to care. The rehabilitation unit supports all medical conditions, though more common treatment regimens are tailored towards patients who have experienced stroke, neurological disorders, brain or spinal cord injuries, amputation, trauma injuries and complex orthopedic cases.

“We are excited to open our new inpatient rehabilitation program to allow easier accessibility to care,” commented Dan Miller, Methodist Hospital and Methodist Children’s Hospital CEO. “Previously, patients were discharged to other Methodist Healthcare campuses to receive rehabilitation treatment. Now, patients are able to continue to see their specialists as they transition care in the same hospital.”

The new rehab program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to expert care, incorporating occupational, physical, and speech therapists as well as nurses, physicians and specialists.

The close medical monitoring and comprehensive care offered is necessary to ensure the safest and most successful recovery for patients. Inpatient rehabilitation requires patients to be admitted into the program until treatment is complete. The length of a patients’ stay ranges from a few days to a month or more, depending upon individual needs.

“Having rehabilitation within our hospital allows our physicians to follow their patients more easily,” commented Shaun Fant, Director of Rehabilitation. “There is a large need for patients who require additional time and therapies that only an inpatient rehab can provide. We give patients an intense treatment regimen, specifically catered to each patient based on their individual needs.”

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