Methodist Healthcare
October 07, 2019

San Antonio, TX - Methodist Hospital is proud of its reputation of being a world class facility. In order to live up to the expectations that come with its name, leaders at Methodist Hospital have been focusing their efforts on growing an unmatched robotics program.

The program has produced an unprecedented number of robotic-assisted procedures inside Methodist Hospital each year. The breadth of those procedures and the latest technology that is being harnessed by specially trained staff enables patients to have quicker access to exceptional care.

The commitment to high-quality patient care is the reason the robotic surgery program at Methodist Hospital has been put on a fast-track to success. Research shows these minimally invasive operations lead to more precise outcomes, a shorter hospital stay and a quick recovery time, enabling patients to return to their normal routines.

"It's important to have this efficient program in the south Texas region" said medical director of Methodist Hospital's robotic surgery program, Dr. Antonio Santillan-Gomez.

"San Antonio is growing at a fast pace and access to care is going to be important. The staff within this program is well-trained, efficient and always focused on patient safety first. Because of this efficiency, patients are able to have their surgeries within days of a diagnosis, versus weeks. The patients are staying one night in the hospital instead of two or three days."

Methodist Hospital is proud to partner with 74 surgeons who are trained in robotic-assisted surgery. In 2019 alone, these surgeons will perform more than 3,000 robotic-assisted procedures inside Methodist Hospital, a record number for the program and a top amount worldwide.

Dr. Santillan-Gomez, who has reached a career-high of 3,000 robotic procedures himself, says so many surgeons choose to practice at Methodist Hospital because the process in the operating room is seamless, producing more optimal outcomes for their patients.

"This program has allowed us to completely change the approach of performing surgeries. We are achieving great outcomes due to technological advancements," Dr. Santillan-Gomez said.

Methodist Hospital's Robotic Surgery program is able to provide exceptional care in the following areas: gynecology, gynecological oncology, colorectal, urology, head and neck, general surgery, thoracic, and surgical oncology. The program is also performing successful robotic-assisted procedures in pediatric urology and pediatric general surgery. The program is credited with performing the first pediatric robotic general surgery in south Texas.

The dedication to strengthening the program is what led to the 2019 grand opening of a women's operating room designed exclusively for gynecologic surgeries.

Methodist Hospital is committed to strengthening the robotic surgery program and will continue to leverage the latest advancements in robotic technology to benefit the San Antonio community.