For the first time in history, hospital’s program performs over 200 living donor and over 200 deceased donor kidney transplants in a single year.

San Antonio, TX – United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) has recognized the kidney transplant program at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant as the Nation’s only transplant program in history to perform more than 200 living donor and more than 200 deceased donor kidney transplants in a single year. According to recently released UNOS data, the program completed 221 living donor kidney transplants and 216 deceased donor kidney transplants in 2021. The program was also recognized as the largest living donor kidney transplant program, the largest kidney paired donation program, and the largest Hispanic kidney transplant program in the country.

“This milestone demonstrates our commitment to improve the lives of people with kidney disease in our communities, one patient at a time,” said Kevin Scoggin, CEO of Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant. “To achieve this national recognition at a community hospital that serves a majority Hispanic population and many underserved communities around Texas, is a remarkable accomplishment.”

Adam Bingaman, MD, PhD, transplant surgeon and Director of the Abdominal Transplant Program commented, “Kidney transplantation substantially prolongs and improves life compared with dialysis.” A primary focus of the facility’s program is to overcome barriers to transplantation that many patients face including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and social determinants. “Our program has developed unique dual expertise in both living and deceased donor transplantation, which has allowed all of our patients a better opportunity to receive a lifesaving transplant.”

It is estimated that over 37 million Americans are living with kidney disease, with over 500,000 people on dialysis. Over 100,000 Americans begin dialysis each year and approximately one out of five are likely to die within a year. Over 90,000 patients are on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, yet less than 25,000 received a kidney transplant in 2021. 

“Transplantation requires the generosity of living donors and donor families,” said Amanda Weichold, Vice President for Transplant Services at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant.  “It our privileged obligation to honor these gifts of life and our team is proud to live up to this challenge every day.”

More information about the kidney transplant program at Methodist Hospital Specialty and Transplant