Methodist Healthcare February 06, 2013

A ground breaking new treatment program at Methodist Hospital is saving lives in San Antonio and is poised to dramatically change the face of cardiac care.  Through the 24-hour cardio-hospitalist program, two cardiologists are on duty at Methodist Hospital 24/7.   Precious time is saved as patients needing cardiac care are seen immediately.  Their condition is evaluated, and treatment begins.

The traditional approach to cardiac care in the hospital setting has involved having the cardiologist based in a clinic and seeing patients one or two times a day during rounds. In  emergency situations, staff stabilize the patient and call for the cardiologist. The time needed to locate the cardiologist and get him or her to the hospital is unpredictable, and often life-saving minutes are lost.

Methodist Hospital is the first hospital in the country to adopt the cardio-hospitalist program.  By eliminating treatment delays, it saves lives and results in shorter hospital stays and better communication among hospital staff, cardiologists and the patient and patient’s family.   With advance notice we can arrange for an interview with cardiologists in the program and a patient.


If you are interested in any of these interviews, please phone Shirley Wills at 822-2378 or 365-4488(cell) or JoAnn King, 575-0171 or 325-3294 (cell).

For media assistance during the weekend, please phone Methodist Hospital, 575-4000, and ask for the public relations representative on call.