Methodist Hospital Stone Oak held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its new Complex Coronary Intervention Center, a hospital-based clinic specialized in highly-complex procedures associated with treating coronary artery disease. These procedures aid in improving the quality of life for patients suffering from various conditions associated with cardiovascular disease.

A focus for the clinic will include the Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO), a life-saving revascularization procedure. The CTO is performed when a patient has a complete or nearly complete blockage of one or more of their coronary arteries. Blockages are caused by plaque and cholesterol deposit buildup within a coronary artery, which causes narrowing of the arteries. When this happens, blood and oxygen flow to the heart is compromised and can increase the risk of heart attack. The procedure allows physicians to insert tiny wires (catheters) into the body through a vessel, typically near the groin or wrist. From there interventional cardiologists are able to approach and open the blockages. This minimally invasive procedure is an alternative therapy for patients that do not qualify for open heart surgery.

“This dedicated space will allow for new and advanced techniques in treating complex cardiovascular diseases,” shared Hinh Keith D. Nguyen, M.D., Medical Director of the Complex Coronary Intervention Center and CTO. “The CTO procedure gives patients hope, when they may have none, and helps to improve their overall quality of life.”

The Methodist Hospital Stone Oak Complex Coronary Intervention Center is another stepping stone in advancing the hospital’s vision of becoming a world-class health provider, continually raising the standard of performance excellence and advancing the health status of the community.

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