It's pool season! That means it's time for fun in the sun and a review on the signs and symptoms of swimmer's ear.

But first, what causes it? The infection is caused by bacteria or fungi entering cuts in the ear because of dry skin, scratching the ear canal, or any foreign object entering the ear (cotton swabs, bobby pins, paperclips).

Here are a few clues that swimmer's ear maybe affecting you or a loved one.

Symptoms of swimmer's ear include (from

  • Ear pain that increases when being pulled or pressed on
  • Pain while chewing
  • Lymph nodes around the ear are red or swollen
  • Clear pus or yellow pus coming from the ear
  • Temporary hearing impairment

Swimmer's ear can usually be prevented by pouring swimmer's eardrops (from a local pharmacy) into the ears after swimming or by holding a towel up to the ear as the individual tilts his/her head from side-to-side. See a doctor for medical treatment if symptoms arise.