Methodist Healthcare
February 02, 2024

According to recently released UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) data, the Methodist Transplant Institute in San Antonio is recognized the top program in the nation, leading in living kidney donor transplants. The program completed 214 living donor kidney transplants and 171 deceased donor kidney transplants in 2023. The program was also recognized as the largest Hispanic kidney transplant program in the nation.

According to UNOs, more than 6,900 people became living organ donors in 2023. “I am grateful to be practicing in San Antonio. Our city has been on the forefront of championing the living donation path to improve access to kidney transplantation. For over 13 years now, our city has seen the highest rates in the nation of live donor kidney transplants,” said Matthias H. Kapturczak, MD.

“Our goal is to improve the lives of people with kidney disease in our communities, one patient at a time,” said Kevin Scoggin, CEO of Methodist Hospital | Specialty and Transplant. “To achieve these milestones at a community hospital that serves a majority Hispanic population and many underserved communities around Texas, is a remarkable accomplishment.”

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