Methodist Healthcare
February 01, 2018

When you have the flu, you want the quickest solution to feeling better, but how do you know when your symptoms need further attention?


•   Sudden Dizziness
•   Difficulty Breathing
•   Severe Abdominal Pain
•   Signs of Dehydration
•   Chest Pain
•   Severe Vomiting


Experiencing two or more of the following symptoms:

•   Fever that starts suddenly and is greater than 100.4 ℉
•   Dry cough
•   Low energy or fatigue
•   Chills or shivering
•   Headaches

ER’s can be busy, and have long wait times. When you go to an Urgent Care, you can expect the same great quality of service without the hassle of waiting. For example, if your child is under two months of age and has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, it is vital to go to the
emergency room. If your child is a toddler (two years and above) and has the same temperature, the problem can be less threatening and he/she can be taken to an urgent care to be seen.

Urgent cares are not a replacement for the Emergency room but can help better assist you in a timely matter. If you are facing a life or death situation please call 9-1-1 immediately.