Methodist Healthcare - August 10, 2023
by Eric Breish

Many who enter a hospital are often filled with a mixture of emotions that capture how precious life truly is. Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan wanted to create a symbol that marks the remembrance of hope and faith as the first image guests see as they enter the hospital.

The hospital commissioned a work of art with local artist, Eric Breish, called “In Service of Others.” Made out of aluminum with a varnish top coat, Breish described the artwork as one that reminds us all that life is delicate, temporary, and should be celebrated through self-expression.

Breish, known for his abstract paintings on metal, creates holographic illusions, engaging the viewer in mesmerizing planes of light and color that constantly shift before the eye. Using a combination of tools and unique methods, each mark on the metal is strategically placed to absorb and reflect light, creating a three-dimensional effect that separates Breish’s work from traditional abstract paintings.

“Arts acts as a vehicle for expression and inspiration,” Breish said. “It can move us in ways we didn’t know were possible. Like music and film, art tells a story, whether direct or indirect.”

Breish stated that while he typically does not create work with direct imagery or a specific statement, the Methodist mission speaks for itself. “People instantly identify with its meaning of hope and faith. I saw it as a challenge technically and felt my medium created a new element for the brand. One that can be interacted with during what is most likely a difficult time in someone’s life.”

Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan is proud to continue serving its community and supporting local artists. This particular piece of artwork was sponsored by AnArte, a local art gallery and studio in San Antonio, Texas. The hospital hopes that all who enter and see this artwork experience a sense of overwhelming peace. This piece is located at Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan in the main lobby for all to see and experience.

Meet the artist

Eric Breish was born in Houston, Texas, spending his childhood in various cities in Texas and Oklahoma. Upon graduating high school, Breish joined the U.S. Marine Corps and moved to San Diego, California. After being honorably discharged as a decorated Sergeant in 2001, he attended Full Sail University in Florida, where he earned an A.S. degree in Recording Arts, a B.S. degree in Entertainment Business, and graduated Salutatorian in 2005.

Aluminum, copper, and steel are the substrates on which he primarily works, while layered transparent paints and varnishes create a glass-like finish that enhances depth, dimension, and color. For fifteen years, Breish has apprenticed under renowned artist and innovator of metal art, Andreas Nottebohm.

Breish is currently represented by galleries in various cities around the U.S. His work has been placed in private and public collections both internationally and domestically.

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