Photo Gallery

a group posing under a tent at the Health Awareness and Wellness Fair
a pile of pumpkins in the back of a car
people walking between tents at a the Wellness Fair
a person painting a child's face
a man carrying a child at the Fair
a woman with small dogs
a woman getting a massage under a tent outside
a row of tents at the Fair
two women posing at a table under a tent
a speaker at the 2018 Press Ganey National Client Conference
a panel of speakers at the conference
a woman with a leaf crown and a woman with pineapple sunglasses
two women on stage at the conference
a woman presenting
people gathered around a display at the First Annual Research Symposium
people in a hall looking at multiple informative displays
a presenter at a podium on stage
a speaker in front of a Power Point presentation about data analysis

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