Cognitive outcomes

Some verbs for use in stating cognitive outcomes
Option Knowledge Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis Evaluation
1 define discuss compute distinguish diagnose evaluate
2 list describe demonstrate analyze propose compare
3 recall explain illustrate differentiate design assess
4 name identify operate compare manage justify
5 recognize translate perform contrast hypothesize judge
6 state restate interpret categorize summarize appraise
7 repeat express apply appraise plan rate
8 record convert use classify formulate choose
9 label estimate practice
outline arrange

Affective outcomes

Some verbs for use in stating affective outcomes
Option Receiving Responding Valuing Organization Value Complex
1 site erect answer join adhere act
2 reply greet share integrate practice
3 accept read complete organize discriminate
4 show report follow n/a influence

Psychomotor outcomes

Some verbs for use in stating psychomotor outcomes
Option Perception Set Guided Response Mechanism Complex Adaptation Origination
1 identify react display display display adapt create
2 detect respond display display manipulate revise compose
3 differentiate start manipulate manipulate work change arrange
4 n/a n/a work work operate n/a n/a
5 n/a n/a n/a perform write n/a n/a

Words that should not be used as cognitive objectives

  • appreciate
  • approach
  • become
  • expand horizons
  • grasp significance
  • grow
  • have faith in
  • improve
  • increase
  • know
  • learn
  • really know
  • think critically
  • understand