If you or a loved one is having a non-life-threatening emergency and you do not need to call 911, you can call our Call-A-Nurse hotline for the appropriate advice. Nurses representing Methodist Healthcare are standing by to personally assist you with medical advice.

Use Methodist Healthcare’s Call-A-Nurse if:

  • You or your loved one is ill or injured
  • You or a loved one are considering going to the emergency room and the issue is non-life-threatening
  • You have questions about you or your loved one’s health
  • You need assistance when your primary care provider’s office is closed

Common reasons we receive calls through the Call-A-Nurse program include:

  • If you or a loved one is feeling ill, but you aren’t sure how serious it is
  • If you need a recommendation on the level of service you or a loved one needs, including next-day appointments, urgent care visits, or emergency room visits
  • If an appointment is needed for you or a loved one, you can book a next-day appointment through our Call-A-Nurse hotline
  • If you need instructions for tending to a medical issue at home

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