In a lumpectomy procedure, your surgeon will remove a breast cancer tumor and a small portion of healthy tissue surrounding the tumor (margin), but will save the majority of the breast including the nipple area.

A lumpectomy can be performed as a Hidden Scar procedure. This means that the incision is made in a place that is hard to see. There are three different locations for a lumpectomy incision that make the scar less visible:


  1. Inframammary Fold: The natural crease beneath the breast
  2. Periareolar: Along the edges of the areola
  3. Axilla: In the armpit, usually hidden in a natural fold

You may be considered for a Hidden Scar Lumpectomy if the size of the tumor is small enough relative to the size of your breast, and if the cancer has not spread to other areas of the breast.

Traditional Results


Hidden Scar Results


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