We subscribe to an interdisciplinary approach to your care. The treatment teams at any of our rehabilitation centers in San Antonio work together to ensure you receive the personal attention and recovery you deserve. Your team includes, but it not limited to:

Medical director

Our medical director has specialized training and experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Our medical director works in collaboration with your physician, consulting specialist, and the rehab team to coordinate your individual treatment program.

Rehabilitation nurses

The rehabilitation nurses care for your medical needs in addition to providing education for pain management, medication management, disease and disability management, self-care, and independent living. The rehab nurse is responsible for ensuring that skills learned during therapy sessions are carried over into evening activities. The rehab nurses ensure a continuum of care.

Physical therapists

Physical therapists help you learn how to increase your strength, muscle tone, coordination, posture, endurance, flexibility and mobility through the use of therapeutic techniques and equipment. Treatment includes exercise, training and education.

Occupational therapists

Occupational therapists will help you learn how to adapt your physical capabilities to activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming and dressing, and using specialized equipment through individualized exercises and activities. Treatment includes exercise, training, and education. New techniques may be introduced to help you compensate for a functional loss. Adaptive equipment may be used to help further facilitate your independence.

Speech/language pathologists

This specialist identifies areas of deficit related to visual and auditory comprehension, attention, memory, communication skills, oral and throat motor function and swallowing. The goal of speech language pathology is independent communication and appropriate oral function.


A dietitian works with you, your physician and the rehab team to develop dietary plans for your nutritional needs and individual preferences while undergoing rehab. We encourage you to continue incorporating healthy food choices into your daily meals when you leave rehab.


The team pharmacist will evaluate your medications upon admission and throughout your stay. The pharmacist will attend team meetings with the goal of ensuring that medications are ordered in a dose that is consistent with your age, weight, allergies and current therapy. The pharmacist is also available to meet with you and your family to discuss any questions you have related to your medications, safety and side effects.

Social workers

The social worker provides support and counseling to you and your family and serves as a liaison between the team and all other concerned parties, including your family, funding sources, friends and other medical facilities.


Your primary care physician and any other specialists who are part of your medical team may visit with you during inpatient rehabilitation to check on your progress and consult with the hospital’s rehab team.

Your family

Absolutely essential in the recovery process is the involvement of your loved ones. By providing information to the rehab team about your health, interests and preferences, your loved ones assist in the development of an individualized plan of care that is designed especially for you.