Plastic and cosmetic surgery involves the reconstruction or reshaping of the body through various surgical procedures. The need for plastic surgery can stem from a physiological need, such as reconstruction of deteriorating body parts, or a cosmetic desire to improve one’s appearance, such as the enhancement of the lips or eyebrows.

Some examples of circumstances that would call for reconstructive surgery include:

  • Repairing scar tissue from burns or other trauma
  • Repairing a cleft palate or lip
  • Reduction or enhancement of breasts
  • Reconstruction of breasts after a mastectomy
  • Reconstruction of knees or elbows from sports injuries
  • Reconstruction of facial features after trauma
  • Reconstruction to correct deformed ears in children
  • Reattachment of fingers and limbs
  • Removal of tumors or skin cancers
  • Repairing crushed bones
  • Removing excess skin after significant weight loss

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