Where is MHS Rehabilitation located?

The clinic is conveniently located on the 3rd floor of the Oak Hills building, across from the Texas Neuroscience Institute. If you are driving, we offer free, covered parking for our patients.

Is there public bus service to the Medical Center and the Oak Hills building?

Yes, VIA Metropolitan Transit provides excellent service to the Medical Center from all parts of the city, serving the clinic with several convenient routes and bus stops. See VIA routes 91, 602, and 603. For a customized bus route schedule from your house to the clinic, find the bus stop most convenient to you, noting the stop number on the sign, and call VIA at 362-2020 or TTY 362-2019 and tell them you need to go from your stop number to: stops 85597, 85947, 85596 (bus routes 91, 602); or, stops 85949, 85943 (bus route 603) in the Medical Center. VIA also offers two online trip planners which will tell you exactly which routes you need to take: links are on the front page of the VIA site.

What do I need to do to see a physical, occupational or speech therapist?

The state of Texas requires a prescription from a licensed doctor. Most physicians in the San Antonio area are familiar with the clinic through their association with the Methodist Healthcare System, the largest in the area.

What types of patients do the therapists treat?

Physical and occupational therapists treat patients with joint pain, pain or loss of function following surgery or injury, neurological conditions or health conditions that cause an inability to walk or function. Speech therapists treat patients with difficulty speaking, eating or swallowing.

What age of patients do you treat?

There is a dedicated therapy staff for pediatric and adult patients. The clinic staff treats patients of all ages.

Who owns your facility?

The clinic is a department of Methodist Hospital and billing is performed through the hospital service center.

What insurance is accepted?

Most insurance is accepted but the insurance coverage will be verified prior to the first visit.

To refer a patient to Methodist outpatient rehab, ask a question, or get a tour of the facility, call (210) 575-7501.