The South Texas Heart Valve Center is the only private hospital-based clinic to offer all commercially available valves for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a significantly less invasive type of heart valve surgery as the heart valve is replaced without having to open the chest cavity. Our highly skilled team can insert the valve via the femoral artery or also use a transapical approach whereby a small incision is made between the ribs on the left lower chest, and the replacement aortic valve is inserted directly into the heart. This new approach allows for the shortest and most direct route to the diseased valve resulting in a shorter procedure (two hours versus four or five), and a shorter recovery time.

Since TAVR is much less stressful than open heart valve replacement, it is an exciting new option for older or non-operative patients who are not good candidates for more invasive surgery. Benefits of TAVR include healthier heart outcomes and better quality of life for patients who previously had no option.

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“I thought I wanna live long enough to tap dance again, so I did.”

At 93-years-old Jeanne Froman proves age is just mind over matter. With the help of Dr. Jorge Alvarez, Cardiologist at Methodist Heart Hospital, Jeanne was back on her feet and dancing in no time! Watch to learn how the TAVR procedure saved her life.