Cardiovascular services in San Antonio, Texas

Methodist Heart

For more than 55 years, Methodist Healthcare has delivered innovative and comprehensive heart, lung and vascular care to patients of all ages. As the largest provider of cardiovascular services in South Texas, the Methodist Heart program maintains a world-class reputation and has received several prestigious accreditations for clinical excellence.

The breadth of cardiovascular services offered through the Methodist Heart network ranges from performing milestone “first” procedures in Texas, to being the only system offering an array of comprehensive cardiovascular services comparable to nationally recognized leaders. At the center of this program is the Methodist Heart and Lung Institute, which offers the most comprehensive and specialized cardiovascular services in the region.

Methodist Heart milestones

17 locations, 90 providers, 20 Cardiac Subspecialties and 322,849 Cardiac Procedures 2015-2019 (Medical, Procedural, Surgical).

Cardiovascular conditions we treat

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Pediatric heart conditions we treat

Services and procedures we perform

As the premier cardiovascular services provider in the region, the highly experienced cardiologists, pulmonologists and surgeons perform the comprehensive services and procedures offered throughout the Methodist Heart network, which include:

At the center of the Methodist Heart network is the Methodist Heart and Lung Institute, which has created a highly specialized offering of services through the following centers and programs:

Specializing in pediatric cardiovascular services and procedures, the Methodist Children’s Heart and Lung Institute is one of the leading pediatric cardiovascular facilities in South Texas, and offers the following services:

Advanced cardiac technologies and procedures

Taking care of the most hearts in South Texas means we have to stay current on the newest procedures and technologies. From advanced tools for diagnosing conditions to the latest surgical technologies, Methodist Heart is at the forefront of new research, technologies and the latest medical procedures.