Heart arrhythmia services at Methodist Heart Hospital

The cardiologists at Methodist Heart Hospital provide expert care for any type of heart arrhythmia you might be experiencing. We treat arrhythmias—when the heart beats too slow, too fast or irregularly—using the latest surgical and non—surgical techniques.

For answers to any questions you have about heart arrhythmias and treatment options, call Methodist Heart Hospital at (210) 575-6800.

Heart arrhythmia treatment

We perform ablations to treat heart arrhythmias. During an ablation, we place a series of catheters (small flexible wires) into a blood vessel in your arm, groin (upper thigh) or neck. A special machine then sends energy to your heart through one of the catheters. This energy treats heart tissue responsible for abnormal heartbeats.

We provide ongoing support for patients with heart arrhythmias through our cardiovascular rehabilitation program.

Arriving for arrhythmia care

Methodist Heart Hospital is in the north tower of Methodist Hospital. The building is on the west end of the campus off Floyd Curl Drive. We're on the sixth floor.

The closest parking lot is off Floyd Curl Drive and Medical Drive, and there are additional spaces in our three parking garages. For help checking in or to purchase a parking pass, visit our main information desk by the front entrance.

The desk's hours of operation are Mon - Fri: 7:00am - 2:00pm. You can also visit our Garage 2 information desk, which is by the ER entrance off Louis Pasteur Drive and open daily from 7:00am - 9:00pm.

Heart arrhythmia at Methodist Healthcare

Heart arrhythmias are disruptions in a regular heart rhythm, which can include slow, irregular or fast heart beats. They occur when the electrical impulses to the heart stray from their normal sequence and can range from being harmless to life-threatening.

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