Rehabilitation centers in San Antonio, Texas

If you or someone you love needs rehabilitation due to injury or illness, Methodist Healthcare is ready to help you on the road to recovery. Methodist Healthcare has rehabilitation centers conveniently located throughout San Antonio that provide rehabilitation services with a patient and family-centered approach.

For more information about our rehabilitation locations, acceptance criteria, or to schedule a tour, please call (210) 785-5900.

The rehabilitation team consists of physical, occupational and speech therapists, rehabilitation nurses, a dietitian, a pharmacist, social workers, case managers and physicians who collaborate with patients and their loved ones to create a treatment plan focused on potential, not limitations.

Upon completion of the rehabilitation program, the team will assist in making arrangements for equipment, medical care or other services that can enhance your return to independence.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient Rehabilitation takes place within a hospital setting, providing rehabilitation services that are managed by specially trained physicians, nurses and support staff. The inpatient rehab team collaborates to develop a coordinated care plan that’s designed to meet each patient’s personal medical and rehabilitation needs. Our rehabilitation physicians and nurses are available 24/7 and regularly visit with each patient throughout the day. Our team is honored to provide rehabilitation services for the San Antonio community, including our Veterans.

Your daily activities will be structured to provide a coordinated program of intensive therapeutic services that have been tailored to meet your individual rehabilitation needs. Although the schedule and actual therapy program will vary, most of your day will be spent in active therapy.

A typical patient day may look like:

  • 6:30am — Awake
  • 7:00am — Grooming and dressing
  • 8:00am — Breakfast
  • 8:30am — Therapies begin
  • Noon — Lunch
  • 1:00pm — Therapies resume
  • 4:30pm — Visiting hours and free time
  • 5:30pm — Dinner
  • 9:00pm — Bedtime/quiet activities


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared under the supervision of a registered dietitian. You may select your own menu or a selective menu will be provided to you daily. If you have any questions regarding the diet, please ask your nurse or dietitian.

Rehabilitative therapy

Physical therapy

Physical therapists working in a rehabilitation setting combine their knowledge of joint and muscle function with a patient's limited mobility to return them to their highest level of functional movement.

Specifically, physical therapy provides:

  • Gait training (retraining to improve the quality of walking)
  • Muscle strengthening and coordination
  • Balance activities for controlled and coordinated movements
  • Pain management
  • Manual therapy (hands-on therapy to improve joint mobility and muscle function)
  • Modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, etc.)
  • Neuromuscular facilitation (hands-on work used to stimulate muscle function)

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy assesses a person's ability to perform basic self-care and living skills at his or her highest level of independence. Our occupational therapists address disabilities that relate to upper extremity function, cognition and psychosocial adjustment to their environment.

Occupational therapy in rehabilitation settings includes:

  • Self-care needs (dressing, bathing, toileting, grooming, feeding)
  • Balance issues (sitting balance, standing balance)
  • Cognitive skills (problem solving, memory, attention, judgment)
  • Independent living skills (cooking, cleaning, money management)
  • Psychosocial issues (stress management, adjustment to illness)
  • Upper extremity rehab (range of motion, strength, sensation)
  • Sensory integration

Speech therapy

Our speech pathologists are here for patients who need speech therapy, a type of therapy that addresses communication and feeding. A patient's need to communicate is almost as basic as the ability to eat independently.

Speech pathologists address:

  • Dysphagia (impaired feeding/swallowing strategies)
  • Oral motor control (treatment to improve the function of the mouth)
  • Neurological communication deficits (difficulty speaking after a stroke, etc.)
  • Cognitive deficits (memory, reading, problem-solving, sequencing)
  • Communication compensation (communication boards, sign language)

Inpatient rehab locations

Our inpatient rehabilitation centers in San Antonio are based in four hospitals for your speech, occupational and physical therapy needs.

Our inpatient rehabilitation centers can be found at the following locations:

Patient and visitor information

Please inform your friends and family of your therapy schedule so you are available to enjoy time with them. Visitors are welcome and an important part of your rehabilitation program.

Recommended visiting hours are:

  • Mon-Sat: 4:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Sunday: Noon - 8:30pm

Special arrangements can be made for your family to observe therapy sessions and to learn more about the rehab services you are receiving. A member of our rehabilitation team will contact family members to arrange for family training.

If a friend or family member requires overnight accommodations, please request a list of area hotels from the rehabilitation staff.

This is a smoke-free and tobacco-free hospital. Visitors may not smoke anywhere on hospital property. We do not permit alcohol or drugs inside, outside or on the grounds of the hospital.