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Ashley and Bryan Sarratt

Ashley and Bryan Sarratt
Posted on: 04/30/2020

We are aware expectant mothers have a heightened sense of security at this time. We understand your concerns and we want to assure you that your Methodist Healthcare hospital has gone to great lengths to keep you and your baby healthy.

Women who have recently delivered during this pandemic are sharing their experiences in an effort to alleviate concerns, and to provide insight into what to expect during your hospital stay.

Mother and/or Father:  

Ashley and Bryant Sarratt

Baby’s name:


Where do you reside?

San Antonio

The Methodist Healthcare facility where you delivered?

Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan

Why did you choose to deliver at this facility?

Our doctor delivers at four different hospitals. We chose Metropolitan Hospital because we loved that the (Suzell Waller Women’s Pavilion) was separate from the rest of the hospital. We took a tour of the Women’s Center and loved how easy the process seemed for checking into the hospital. We loved that it was only two floors and was easy to navigate.

Has anything about this pandemic made you fearful to deliver a baby in a hospital?

I was afraid to deliver a baby during this pandemic because I regularly watch the news reports on COVID-19. It is scary because you can be a carrier of the virus and not have any symptoms. My biggest fear was testing positive for COVID-19 and not being able to see my baby. I have heard stories of that happening to moms delivering babies all over the country.

With current guidelines in place, what are your thoughts/feelings about the one visitor policy?

I am glad I was able to have my husband, Bryant, with me as my support person through labor and delivery. His presence in the room made me feel at ease. I totally understand why other visitors are not permitted, because it’s important to limit outside exposure during this pandemic.

What would you say to other pregnant mothers who are thinking of an unplanned homebirth versus a hospital birth?

Relax and trust the hospital staff.

Can you describe how you shared the news of your baby’s arrival with friends and family?

We shared the news of our baby’s arrival through social media (Facebook and Instagram) and also texted and video chatted with family and close friends. Although we didn’t have anyone visiting the baby, we were able to make our family and close friends feel included.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I had the best experience at this hospital. Every nurse I encountered was kind and I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me. I was also having a hard time with breastfeeding my baby and the nurses and lactation consultants made me feel comfortable. After my hospital visit, I was able to call a lactation consultant and she gave me instructions over the phone to enhance my breastfeeding experience for me and my baby.

Ashley and Bryan Sarratt
Posted on: 04/30/2020

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