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Lisa and Alex Sandoval

Lisa and Alex Sandoval
Posted on: 04/30/2020

We are aware expectant mothers have a heightened sense of security at this time. We understand your concerns and we want to assure you that your Methodist Healthcare hospital has gone to great lengths to keep you and your baby healthy.

Women who have recently delivered during this pandemic are sharing their experiences in an effort to alleviate concerns, and to provide insight into what to expect during your hospital stay.

Mother and/or Father: 

Lisa and Alex Sandoval

Baby’s name:


Where do you reside?

San Antonio

The Methodist Healthcare facility where you delivered?

Methodist Hospital

Why did you choose to deliver at this facility?

I heard really good things about the baby units.

Has anything about this pandemic made you fearful to deliver a baby in a hospital?

I was nervous about contracting anything, but everyone has been wearing their masks and being very, very sufficient with that. I think it made it better that we had to be tested for COVID-19 before delivering here too.

With current guidelines in place, what are your thoughts/feelings about the one visitor policy?

In a way, it’s sad, but I’m glad we’re protecting our baby. There aren’t any people coming in and out, and staff is monitoring that very well too.

What would you say to other pregnant mothers who are thinking of an unplanned homebirth versus a hospital birth?

I would say that delivering at Methodist Hospital we’ve felt very comfortable and safe. We would do it again.

Can you describe how you shared the news of your baby’s arrival with friends and family?

My husband had my mom and sister on FaceTime so that they were able to watch her being born. We have a screenshot of the moment the doctor handed her to me and their faces are priceless. We’ve also shared the news on Facebook and through text messages.

Lisa and Alex Sandoval
Posted on: 04/30/2020

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