Methodist Healthcare - November 27, 2019
by Laura Breeden

"I'm thankful for my health, family, friends, and being able to help others," said Fran Cohen, a retired educator, and commercial interior designer. "I feel very fortunate."

Fran Cohen came back to visit the staff at Methodist Hospital Ambulatory Surgery to thank them for going above and beyond to take care of her during her surgery, recovery, and rehab.

In 2018, Cohen tripped and fell carrying a stack of blankets she was donating. One of the blankets had a tag that caused her to slip. The blankets help protect her head, but her right armed instinctively went to brace her body.

"When I went down on the concrete in the garage, I heard the crack," said Cohen. "I went to the ER, but it took two weeks for the swelling to go down before my doctor could do X-rays."

Cohen fractured her shoulder and broke her humerus. Doctors also needed to replace her rotator cuff. Cohen said the care didn't stop after surgery. The nurses took great care of her during recovery. Then her physical therapist made sure Cohen wouldn't end up in the ER from a fall ever again.

"My physical therapist Gina Dawson coached me through the shoulder exercises," said Cohen. "But then she took it a step further and gave me information about fall prevention. Everything from what kind of socks to wear, what not to wear, and she talked about balance. She said as people age, they need to stand for a minute then go. I still think that was the most important thing she did."

Cohen is back to her busy schedule of mentoring young people and getting ready for the holidays.

Learn more about the Methodist Healthcare Fall Prevention program, and to learn tips on how to avoid falls visit Methodist Healthcare Fall Prevention

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