Recently Methodist Healthcare upgraded its patient portal to provide even more information for our patients and their caregivers. MYHealthOne is a secure online source for accessing health care information. The information is available online 24 hours a day from a desktop computer, laptop, table or smartphone.

What is MyHealthOne?

  • MyHealthOne is a secure, personalized online environment that connects patients and caregivers to helpful tools and personal health records through, Methodist Healthcare’s website.
  • Features include physician referral capability, pre-registration and online bill pay. In the near future, patients will be able to register for classes and events online and make appointments
  • Clinical features include health visit details, laboratory results, radiology reports, transition of care, summary of care, and more.

What is the timing of clinical information viewable by patients in MyHealthOne?

Transition of Care: Immediately. Content in the transition of care/summary of care isvisible to patients once the data has been delivered fromMEDITECH, which may be immediately after finalization in MEDITECH or upon discharge

Discharge instructions: One hour after discharge

Lab results: Lab results (including microbiology, sensitive labs, and abnormalresults; only excluding pathology and blood bank) display topatients immediately after test is verified and resulted by lab

Imaging reports: 96 hours after final signing

Procedure list: Approximately 3-4 days post discharge, once health informationmanagement coding is complete coding is complete

How can I find out more information about MyHealthOne?

  • Contact your Physician Provider Relations representative.

How can my patients access MyHealthOne?

Your patients can create an account today at They do not have to be an inpatient at our hospitals.